Sunday, May 1, 2011

Mom, Here is Anger in Kids?

I think, the journey of parenthood is like a roller coaster. Sometimes there are moments of joy and pleasure and sometimes the process assembly difficult and painful. All parents struggle turns to nurture and protect their children. However, children of this generation are impatient, frustrated and angry.

It was not common scenario of all family members who have no children are their parents crazy with their demands and whims. Despite all the luxury and the kids love to complain and express their anger against, or that it has chosen.

Anger is not inherently a bad feeling. Such as happiness, sorrow and pain, anger, feeling unnatural interest of the people. He, the beauty of expression tears made the worst situation. Children, some if they get difficult, if not meeting with the brothers fought. some in case, they have their friends and bite at the slightest provocation. Some children in puberty, including verbal abuse to parents, and decides to their homes of slackers in anger destroy.

As already mentioned, the anger is normal, but if it in terms of  abuse and violence can, the undesired results and contingent liabilities as well is uncontrolled anger among children may.:
1. Growth of complaints from neighbors and teachers

2.Fight with siblings and friends
3.The embarrassment of the parents in the public
4.Social boycott and the release of the child in anger
5.Injuries to children with other
6.Inability to manage anger and controller adult
7.Damaged relationships with parents and family.

These results are terrible enough to pay to give sleepless parents. In addition, behavior problems is not the child be able to live healthy and happy in the society.

Who is responsible for the growing anger in children? No, no children responsible. The environment in which they live and teach them to explode, a developer and rage like a bomb. Most of the time the children learn their anger in a wrong way to express parent. They carefully observed the reactions of the parents in difficult situations and unfavorable. They see their parents crier, herald, threw intangible rights, the use of coarse language of the United Nations, banging doors, and who of wrestling, sometimes bitter between them when their expectations do not react in the situation.

Parents are role models for children behaviour. Your behavior and defines the model, in which children express their anger. Children learn their price supports proposals initial anger of the parents and family behaviour! Therefore, it is parents and families to teach children to manage Anger in a friendly manner.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Mom, Here Are 5 Effective Parenting Advices

Parenting styles differ from one parent to another. There may be no "right" parenting tips in general but there are effective parenting advices that have been proven to work. In this article, we will share with you a simple guide to good parenting. Being moms and dads may be the most difficult task in the this world but that does not mean that you cannot succeed in raising wonderful children.

Below are some effective parenting advices that can help you:

1. Always remember that you can never spoil your kids with love. Many would tell you that by holding your children so much or that by responding to every need they have have is wrong. As parents, know how to draw the line between "enough" and "too much." Giving your kids material things that you do not necessarily may be a form of spoiling but giving them enough love and affection can never go wrong.

2. Be responsive to their cries. There are reasons why babies cry. As a parent, it is your obligation to understand why she is crying. Crying is your baby's means to communicate with you. She wants to let you know that she needs you so it is important that you make her feel the sense of security through the magic of touch.

3. Be a disciplinarian. Be a teacher. A lot of new parents worry too much about disciplining their children. Disciplining does not always mean spanking or punishing your little ones. To discipline means to teach what is good. Parents should serve as a guide for their kids. Know which parenting tips is appropriate for your kids' behavior.

4. No solid food for babies before six months. The recommendation for solid food has changed through the years. Today, experts and pediatricians are telling parents not to feed babies below six months. Solid foods should be introduced slowly. Start with starchy baby cereals like baby food vegetables or rice.

5. Sleeping with your baby in the same bed. Many say that sleeping with your baby in the same bed is dangerous. However, the truth is that sleeping together with your toddlers or babies is still safer than putting them in cribs in a separate room.

No mother or father is perfect. Everybody has his own imperfections. In most cases, the mistakes we make are due to lack of information and poor judgment. Good parenting does not come with an instructional textbook. Rather, it comes from experience that you learn along the way. Enhance your skills by observing like-minded parents. Reading effective parenting advices will also play a huge role.